Course Details
Course Name
Diploma in Endoscopy Technology
Why this course
The result of recent advances in modern medicine requires emergency and elective gastrointestinaendoscopic procedures for acute and emergency situations. For these procedures the Gastroenterologist requires trained help in addition to nursing personal. MIMS Academy is now offering a certified course in endoscopy technology. To groom a dedicated skilled assistant to function as an endoscopy team member capable of assisting the physician in various endoscopy procedures and the nurses in providing the basic patient care.
What will you learn
Basics of patient care Anatomy and physiology of GI system Microbiology Psychology Application of physics in endoscopy Equipments - Components, care & maintenance Setting for an endoscopy Common GI system disorders and management Assisting with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
How do you apply
Admission opens in July each year. Application notification is available on newspapers and in our website. Application form will be available in Academy office and can download the application from website or mail to Application fee Rs.250/-.
Who will teach you
How long will you be here
2 years including internship.  
How much will it cost
Course fee:-Rs. 5000 + Service Tax, Refundable Caution Deposit- Rs. 5000/- 
Who can apply
Plus 2 Science Min. 50% Pass Marks 
Application Start Date
Application End Date
Is it stipendiary
Rs. 1750/- during first year, Rs. 2250/- during second year *Note: Time to time changes may apply in fee and stipend.  
Who Certifies
MIMS Academy certification after successful completion of the course. 
Seats Details
No of seats: 2