Course Details
Course Name
Masters In Emergency Medicine (MEM- International)
Why this course
Emergency medicine is a unique discipline and independent specialty with a body of knowledge and skill to care for patients presenting with emergent medical problems. In India, there exists only a few training programs in this area whereas there is a huge demands for emergency healthcare providers. The Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences (MIMS) has recognized the need to train highly skilled physicians to treat patients presently with acute medical conditions. The Ronald Reagan Institute of Emergency Medicine (RRIEM) at the George Washington University (USA) and the Indian institute of Emergency Medical services (IIEMS) have partnered with MIMS to launch a 3-year Masters in Emergency medicine. The program will train 10 doctors per year, and prepare them to practice in the complex and challenging arena of emergency medicine at the highest level.
What will you learn
The Masters in emergency medicine at MIMS will consist of a three year curriculum that will be divided into 36 clinical modules and cover the breadth of emergency medicine. Cardiology Airway Peds Shock Infectious Disease Trauma Gastro Intestinal Ortho Toxicology Neurology Psychosocial/Violence OB/GYN Pulmonary Soft Tissue/Wound Care EMS & Disaster Endocrine ENT & Ophtho Environmental Neonatal Radiology Procedures Non-traumatic Renal & GU Tropical Administrative/Emergency Public Health Heme/Onc & Derm
How do you apply
Admission opens in March each year. Application notification is available on newspapers and in our website. Application Form will be available in Academy office or can download the application from website.
Who will teach you
 Dr. Venugopalan P.P. 
How long will you be here
Three Years 
How much will it cost
Five Lakhs plus Service Tax per year 
Who can apply
Application Start Date
Application End Date
Is it stipendiary
Yes. Monthly payment @ Rs. 23000/- (First Year), Rs. 24000/- (Second Year), Rs. 25000/- (Third Year) *Note: Time to time changes may apply in fee and stipend 
Who Certifies
George Washington University (USA) 
Seats Details
6 seats 
At the successful completion of the program, the graduating students will be able to practice independently with in emergency department as well-trained physicians.