MIMS Research Foundation

To leverage Scientific Research to find solutions for common causes of morbidity and mortality from diseases.

- To reduce the incidence and morbidity of Diabetes Mellitus in the community 
- To understand and find solutions for the cure and arrest of cancer through new modality 
- To find innovative solutions for bacterial resistance to antibiotics 
- To find new plant derived molecules for curing various chronic diseases 

About Us
MIMS Research Foundation (MIMS RF) was established in 2008. It is a SIRO recognized by The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. MIMS RF is a subsidiary of MIMS Academy Trust.

1. Dr. M. Azad Moopen
2. Er. M. Salahuddin
3. Dr. Abdulla Cherayakkat
4. Dr. M. Ali
5. Mr. S. M. Syed Khalil

Director - Dr. K. Karthikeya Varma M.S., FRACS
We have the following personnel working for the MIMS Research Foundation
Prof. M. Lilly  Pathologist, MIMS and Retd. Principal, Medical College, Calicut. Chairperson of Scientific Research Committee, MIMS RF. 
Dr. Raghava Varman Thampan Ph.D  Senior Scientist, MIMS RF and Former Director of RGCB 
Dr. P. J. Wills, Ph.D  Scientist, MIMS RF 
Mrs. Radha Malattiri, M.A., MLIS, M.Phil  Assistant Registrar. 
Mr. Varun Raghuveeran  Junior Research Fellow 
Ms. Ramya  Research Assistant 
Ms. Praseetha S  Senior Research Fellow 
Mr. Finose A  Senior Research Fellow 

Details of Activities
More details about the activities of MIMS Research Foundation can be availed through this document